wednesday 03/12/2008

I will sell my Ataoualpet.

Is 75k enough?

Close this, hawkins already sell smiley

Lol for collectors only 0xp worth more but in case of guru and general they are better max lol coz they are really useful lol

Miss lulabee
Gaia noel

He made the trade, if you still want a Tessa PM me, smiley

Pls Close btw smiley

Hi, im willing to buy all you unwanted or uneeded trash cards. ill pay 70 clintz each. Private sale them to me and ill buy them whenever i can. Thanks smiley

we can talk about the price

Card bought off market.. please close

Morphun and Eris sold.close thread

Trading accounts is not legal..why you might ask?
for one, you likely don't have even at least one card from Junkz or Sentinel like you are claiming to have
one reason why trading accounts is not legal is to protect players from possible scams such as this..

tuesday 02/12/2008

Write here or Pm me

Sale done with krocoos thanks dude

please close

I am wanting to buy Tessa Cr for 75k clintz. Put it in my private sales if you want to sell it to me.

Moderators,close.Never mind about Ironfield

Got them, close please.

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