tuesday 02/12/2008

Deal made please close.
thanks all for interest

Thanks for telling me triple head

Close please


monday 01/12/2008

Send me any card below 100 clintz in PS i'll buy it right away thnx

Hey PM isael99 he's selling his kolos for 20 000 i'd do that ASAP as many must have check him out

Eklore for 43,000 Clintz!
PM me.

Moderators close thanks you

Exchanging my 0xp Tessa Cr for a full one + a little complement
place your offers in here or pm me
thanks moderators for allowing the topic

I`ll sell you Rosa for 1100clintz?

Excuse my mother language to is the Spanish not it wanted to cause ningun problem so when I put my message in the forum this value 9000 forgive me to part I am using a translator for if I commit possible lacks

I'd say offer a trade but since you are a senior you can barely spare any more cards and looks like you've already sold your leader play in survivor mode with your deck you can raise the money you need in less than a day and survive in ELO for a rating of 1200 and above and you get a free rare card you can sell for well above 3000 anyway if you need any other la junta card besides emeth PM me

I got 458 Clintz, Anyone willing to Spare Narendra OR Rick OR Mamoon?

I got miss twice now...looking for the other in my listsmiley

I am still searchin for this cards plz sell me

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