sunday 30/11/2008


Close plzzzz

Looking to buy Tessa cr for around 65k
pm me to negotiate or post here to sell

I didn't buyed any credits


I think the guy who started this thread wants this closed.. That's what the last post looks like.. smiley

PM me or post here what you are looking for in exchange for your Marlysa Cr.

saturday 29/11/2008

Close Plz

Note, King_assassin1 cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

You have to buy credits first King

Bought close

I have Lou But I need Macumba

Can't pm you... it says you don't want to be contacted... smiley

Close please admin. Thanks!

Close please

Close please

Close please

For swidz cr 5k and a 3k card

Subject over please close

Sold please closesmiley

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