saturday 29/11/2008

Sry i did buy it close plzz

Oh, close this mods please. Someone will give it to me now. Thanks.

Ill trade my jessie and 3k for dalhia

friday 28/11/2008

I will give you 14.7k and a max leveled leviation for kolos

I will give u 41.5k !!!

I need Marco PM me with the offer.

Sold please close

What's the point of that we can sell
For more on market

Already have him pls close

I will pay 50 clintz for any card that sucks or you do not want

Got one too, PM me.

I have lea pm w an offer

Please close mod

already sold

Tanaereva how much or wht cards do u want i can trade anything but collectors or buy it for under 24K

thursday 27/11/2008

Sold for drakkhen close please

Nice but that is just about half price im sure you'd have better luck with 8000 at least a fire sell player will PM U

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