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tuesday 20/01/2009

Me to pm if you need

Nobody knows cassio cr?lol

38k for all.

I'm lookin for Katan 0%exp

I'll buy it for 3k~4k

pls pm me...ty

I can giv u eve for 1000 if u want

Please close

Xu52 + leviantonn for my kenny 0exp or full exp ur choice

Note, n3mod34d cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Auction over. Sorry to be late, i fell asleep before the end.

- NA_Raiden_ : Splata Cr + Diyo Cr + Geuner Cr + Thaumaturge Cr + Skullface Cr + Dragan Cr + Tessa Cr + Miss Twice Cr + Selsya Cr + Cassio Cr + Nahi Cr + Jim Cr + Lamar Cr + Chikko Cr = 909K

The problem is now that i contacted Raiden and that he has already sold the cards to someone else and this "thinking dealing with me" he said... I guess it would be hard for a moderator to regulize the situation... So, what do we do now?

(Same thing already posted in both language on the french forum)

I going to cancel this auction
can any mod can close this plz

Close please decided to cancel

I only got zatman and jackie

anyway bad deal

Plz close this

Plz close this got himsmiley

Close this m,im mreopining m,the action with m,mor mcards

monday 19/01/2009

Mindy- 2000?

50k sold for Whathee close plzzz

I'll take him for 95k

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