friday 24/10/2008

I gt her name price shes 0xp

Skrumxxy for 3700 clintz, this sale is on a time limit of 16 hours from now so please be hasty.

I'll buy shakra for 6500

thursday 23/10/2008

Guild mate I will sell for 27

Close please, SOLD!

Are you sur??
really?!?!?!? it must be cool!

12800 or 13k smiley

Mods, please close this thread, he cannot sell his cards.


I have Got Mona For 3800 From Market .


Topic Can Be Closed

I have all pussycats except Baby q and charlie and Yayoi and the crs

I have all the pussy cats cards

Betty is 510

Feelyn is 333

Clara is 2.3k


I will buy all ur sakhroms pm me for negotiating ^-^

If u give me wardog and maybe one other card
I will trade u azel and Rosa smiley
pm me for offers

I'm buying tessa cr for 40k ...smiley
pls pm me

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