saturday 22/11/2008

Fully leveld, will buy up to 5K after someone PS me one I will ask for this thread to be clsoed, the first person that sends me a fully leveld eris at the lowest price under 5K I will buy, then i will just refuse the rest

I'll give you erzsebet for liu or eyrton

friday 21/11/2008

Close please

Close please

"So its obv a notrade" huh? If your talking about the Lol trade then your right...

Close please

Level 5 with milissa cr
i dont know what to think

Pm me for deal
and i unbacklisted u

Mods can close this please? My pal its already have the card =D

Note, relax boyz cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Close this please.

Ok 23k ill buy

Please close
thank you

I will exchange chikko fully (leveled) and 3000 clintz for both marina and striker

Plz Pm me to trade

Apparently no one wants to sell me one.. mods please close... thank you

Alec for 5 000 cltzs
Anita for 600 clzs

i know it is not much but it is alla i can offer!!

thank u

1. Buy 4 1 (0 xp) - 465 000 Clintz sold by ZsX-kent, 75h, 44min left.


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