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thursday 01/01/2009

Buying Kerry for 8000 clintz. Please feel free to pm or post your offers here. Thanks.

Trade my morphun to your marcosmileysmiley

Ohk please close

Change my mind on hax, close this plz

Close. ive decided to sell on market

Sold please close

I am looking to buy a Tanaereva for about 29k-30k
pm me or leave a post and we can work something out

wednesday 31/12/2008

I sold her already plz close this thnxsmiley

Ok so i want 2.2mill in cards plz like all non crs and clintz and maybe a cr

I wouldve traded my jackie for one but 30k is to much

Modz plz close

Its sold except for tessa cr mods plz closesmiley


Vholts price just keeps droping lower and lower after rising by 7k, so i'll keep him for now..

Lets say ill buy zero dead for about 2.5k

Yea im buying him for like lets say 2.6k?

Get me ella,feelyn`,and wanda

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