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tuesday 17/03/2009

Ill give u some combinations :
leviatonn + vermyn n
leviatonn bloodh
hikiyousan + kiki + ratanah (cheapest option)
hikiyousan + wee lee
dorian + bloodh
hawkins + juicy lord
blaster + juciy lord + graff
xu52 + leviatonn

see u can pm me such options !
although cards combine worth must be atleast 15.5k smiley

k well thats it i might sell some more...but this is it for now

Look in my private sales to see exactly what i have, about 25 4* pfulls, probably 8-10 different ones!


I would like to purchase Slyth for 7000 clintz. If anyone would be interested, please sent a PM my way. Thank you!


Want ongh + card or clintz..

monday 16/03/2009

Im selling him for 46k

i accept offers like

marco + clintz or
multiples of

acid dc

pm me for offers or post it


Close Please

Pm please for your offers

Please lock

Close please bought.

Im also buying 3* Pfulls for 300 each and 4* Pfulls for 800 each

Sorry dude is done It was till 14:00 and that's still way underpriced. I will get more but not for less than 1000

I want a Bragh and I would like to exchange it with a Kreen.

PM me if you are interested.

I really need a hawkins it is the only card i need to complete piranas if u want to sell him for 10,213 clitz pm Twilight lord as soon as possible thank you for your time.

Please close this.
i have bought a Katan in the market already for 4010 clintz.haha.lucky me.smileysmileysmiley

U guys are giving him prices much more than the market.. especially the Ongh.. The main point of this thread is to get prices lower than the market price.. why are u guys wasting ur's and his time.. smiley

No nam for 1500 k or 2k

I'll buy veccio for 235
as many as possible

What else would you trade?

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