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monday 16/03/2009

I got 1 marco 0 exp

They are 1250 each. Near level 5 already.

Sold to me.. close plzsmiley

I am looking for a emeth any exp. PM me for faster response. smileysmiley

Im buying treys as many as you want to sell. pm if you are willing to sell.
I'll obviously be taking the best offers smiley

Dude these are horrible 3*cards

I dont think anyone will sell for that much bro

Sure smiley you know she's worth 1650-1700? 1,6 is below the current market value allready

Ill sell him for 500 clintz

32k for eklore on market lol.

sunday 15/03/2009

1k please for a guild tournament

Yeah why try ripping people off

Here's the list:
reine cr
skullface cr
vickie cr
selsya cr

pls note that i'm only accepting the same cards plus a little perk( clinz or cards)
the price i'm looking for is 78k(more or less) (when i say price i mean the compliment)
i'll accept murray 's, wolfgang 's, miki 's, acid dc's

thanks moderators for accepting the subject

I can give you 80k

Note, Ristuccia cannot STILL sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

How much dorian?
can it be below 200

Ill buy them send to my private sales

Subject is closed they my vickie cr and i was scammed by sub14-evo founder of urban legend

Got more... please check my profile

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