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wednesday 31/12/2008

Over market bad deal

BUYING tessa cr....
message me no BS plz

Plz close

I have 90 Jessie cards, 70 with 0xp.

Ill buy it for 1500c to 2000c

Plase close this subjectsmiley

Still looking will buy within 1-10hours of post

Erm nvm bought 1...close please thanks smiley

If you have one, send him to me via private sale for your best price.

Sorry dude u aint gettin such expensive cards but ill buy u some cheaper decent ones

Close pls already sold

Lols subjec cloise >.<

tuesday 30/12/2008

Close thread bought ger for 17100 now smiley

BRyan for 1000

I've contacted both parties just waiting on a reply or another offer.

I am buying Tanaereva at 28k

PM me for other offers.

Olredy have pls close muah's

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