tuesday 18/11/2008


I'm searching for Kerozin Cr.

I can offer 11k Clintz, 3 Gaia 0XP and Nahi Cr full

Id like to buy as many naaykee's i can.... but for 350 clintz each....
interseted parties may pm me or leave ur reply here

44k, who wants?

At level 1: 49 999 Clintz 11/18/2008 1:30smileyM EST

on the market at this time.

I'm looking for other CRs to trade for or something close to market value if you want to pay clintz. otherwise I'll keep him.

Subject closed, Card sell

Clintz also accepted.

He probably will.

All sold, close please.

Nope Sometime Alec price is higher than Bloodh
so it's same price

The offer of 0 exp RASS CR is actual again ! Please let me know if you are interested...

Ive sold Marco

Buy Alec 5.5k,plz pm me

Grasmaxxt is 6k and steve is only 3k

I'll buy Shakra at any good offers, i won't make an offer 'cuz less people will likely sell him to me. The best offer that I want will be the deal I'll get.

Sorry forgot to close this, i got Nellie already!

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