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thursday 05/03/2009


if you ever have more lvl 4 or 5 pfulls just send them to my private sales and i will buy

2400-2500 or around there

I got 13'000 for her, but she has to be un-leveled or 4 star smiley

Close please

wednesday 04/03/2009

Subject close

Bought Ambrose Cr for 130 in Market just now.
Cheapest Reine Cr in the Market is 143 at the moment. Anyway, this offer is closed.

I sell you enzo with 5,000 c.

Vanseer for 1050 and hugo for 950 pm me if interested

3500 new price

Well generally 90% of time its ither a or b

hell i had full collection in my first month of playing and mine was option b lolz smiley

Ill trade my Bloodh for any of those I dont have. PM me, dude.

Looking to buy new Montana to complete my non Cr collection. Please respond prices can ALWAYs be negociated.smiley

Someone just sold gaia for 1000 and i just missed it cuz i couldnt find it smiley can someone sell me gaia for cheap please. i really need it doesnt have to be that cheap.

Buying mona . SEND PM with price. (aiming for around 4.5k but willing to negotiate)

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