saturday 18/10/2008

I can raise my offer to 2k.
pm me

6500 for all

Close thread

Hey dude pm me i have both those cards and i want zero dead pm me please
so we can deal smiley

Looking for them at level 4

I'll buy Ielena for 2.5k... private sale me... thx

13k and rest in cards

Its all of them for 300 clints but i have al ready sold them please close

Mods please close this


Please close

Selling is different from an auction/bidding..
read rules for posting..

Good luck !!! smiley

As the title say I am looking for Gheist to trade for my Kenny and Kolos.

Changed my mind not gonna sell it.. close.

Erm im collecting bangers and im only half done...can some1 sell it to me privately for 650 clintz cuz thats what i have so far... i only need one...

Ill buy it for 409 clintz?

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