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wednesday 17/12/2008

Joeisagod will post a new thread that meets Auction criteria

I have Vermin Nbut change Gibson to Taham
ill pm u

I'm BUYING (for those who don't understand the tag)


Wtb KOLOS for 18,000 clintz. (up to x3)
Wtb Lamar Cr for 60,000
Wtb Eklore for 35,000

Better offers are (VERY) much welcomed.



Ill buy ambre for 7000 if anyones interested

I have some gheist cards. pm brosmiley

tuesday 16/12/2008

Willing to sell one but this one is 0 exp for 14.5k clintz

Im looking for coby for around 3000 anyone?

Morphun bought please close

Can u unblacklist me so i can come for agreement

85k for vholt plz?????????????

Cloze plz

I'll but him for 3600.

My Veenyle - 1.5K

Caught a cheap hawk in the market for 4000 clintz, thanks
mods close this, thanks


Looking for cheap tanevera 29k onli.

Sold please close

Buying smiley

Whoops got sold for 55200 XD ... close this topic please

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