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wednesday 14/01/2009

This is a very old post. The seller is not even active anymore.

Well put the difference do you take other cards cards

I have him pm me to negotiate a price thx

No and all sold please close

I have SkrumxxT and i'm not desperate to get rid of him, but i'd rather exchange him for another card...
The cards i would most like to exchange for are, Steve, Glorg. Ratanah or Lulabee.
However, i am open to any other offers so please pm me if interested.

How much if for very cheap?/

Send me the card then i will send u mine

Add 5000 and i think

I have a Jackie and a zatman. I'm looking for a tanaereva.

Buying 25 x Frankie Hi 0xp for 230 each pm me or just put private sale


Deals done. Please close smiley

I have all 3.

PM me with slightly better offers please.

I would but ur a thousand or two away

tuesday 13/01/2009

Well l have some slydes max level LOOKlNG to trade for 0xp please pm me


Please pm or set up private trade if interested....

Please Closesmiley

Im buying cassandra worth 2100

No that is too much for maxed

Please close

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