thursday 09/10/2008

Can someone PLEASE! sell me Marco for 9,000 clintz!
I'm really desperate smileysmiley . Any level will do.

Hey mr balo ill take her

I got

and 4k wat can i get

I al ready got it max

Lol mods please close this

Moderators, please close this message. Thanks

I have lamar but its full leveled

Jane Ramba is sold.Only Leviatonn Left!

I buy a kerozine Cr 0XP (only 0xp) for 38000 clintz..

Im buying the following cards...

ratanah 2900
miken moose 300
toro 3000
Z3R0 D34D 3000

post your offers pls....or just pm me....

Erm. Not 400 credits, 400 clintz smiley

Now im just selling Tessa Cr

I can add more up to 15k+my Lamar Cr

I have already bought him

wednesday 08/10/2008

Ok theres nothing happening please closesmiley

Auction is different from a sale/trade.
if bidding is involved, use a different tag and put up an end date for the auction.

Do you have any la juntas?
i have all of those except marina

I have brought leviatonn. Only z3r0 d34d to get.

I don't have enough clintz to pay for the said price now. However, I could still afford Dieter for 1.8K

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