saturday 15/11/2008

Any reason

I will buy any gil for 4000 clintz please 1 or 2 star don't care

Sold smiley
-------> CLOSE PLEASE <----------------

SOLD for 38500 please close!

You can see which cards i'm selling on my profile.

Each for 650

I want a Marlysa Cr.

Please pm me with your offers.

I'm looking around 360k

Tol d ka pa maka sell tol you need to buy credits

All gone, please close

Already bought one.. please close

Ill buy emeth and lelena

Edd for any cr

Noodile 850 pm me

Really? Thanks!

I'm looking for (preferably) a level 3 Juicy Lord. smiley

Please close

220 for a Natrang and Otome.

Buying kenny for 14k message here or pm me, thanks!smiley

Deleted post plz.

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