wednesday 08/10/2008

I have brought leviatonn. Only z3r0 d34d to get.

I don't have enough clintz to pay for the said price now. However, I could still afford Dieter for 1.8K

Are you interested in selling it? D:

I'm looking for these Montana cards

Enzo 2k.
Ottavia 2.3k.
Mona 3.3k.

I'll buy it for 10k

Buying a Kolos for 16.5k pm me if your interested.

No. i can get it that low once the price comes down.

All of them no singles
unless good offers

got Vickie for 23k.

Cassandra is wat i got wat you gonna swap me for?

Could you sell her for me like 9,000?



Im buying smokey for 1100

n nellie for 900

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