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saturday 27/12/2008

Ill buy one of ur Zatmans
pm me with ur price

Pls close

Nobody want buy
pls close

friday 26/12/2008

............close this......

0xp lol and there is 33 of them

I got him i got him!!!smiley

Sargh i have sargh

I buy her if she is at zero exp for 500.

Looking for offers that include Marlysa Cr + other cards or clintz to equal around 900,000 clintz.

900k is just a starting point and is negotiable depending on the offers. PM me or write here.

Oops i double posted this. can mod clsoe pls

Vickie Cr
Kerry and Alec

I want a Robb for 900-1000 clintz OR a Marina for 7k or less. If you'll accept crazy offers, I'll buy Robb and Marina for 7500. I'm kind of thrifty both in UR and real life.

Sell it at 50000

I trade u nanook for my sharon pm today

smileyBuying the Following Montana:smiley
Sharon:300 Clintz

Prince Jr:580 Clintz

Murphy:650 Clintz

Don:1050 Clintz

Simon:180 Clintz

Just mail me If ok or not.Need cheapest offer.Thank yousmiley

End of aution!!!!

Close this thanks.

Excuse the pun up there but would like to exchange my Chill 0xp for Charlie 0xp
if you are interested PM me or just post here will check

Ill buy a maxed out no nam for 2400smiley

Srry guys all sold already
plz close

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