tuesday 07/10/2008

Ill buy Smokey for 1.1k just private sale it to me

monday 06/10/2008

I am buying Deadeye for 1k.


I am offering Swidz Cr and 5,000 clintz for Nahi Cr.


Please close this.

Mods please close thread. Thanks smiley

Could someone please close this?

Haha very funny
Am I right you wanna have more points for the ranking list of world

Akiko has gone from the junkz sold for 250 clintz smiley how kind am i

No1 wana buy these cards? at least sum1 put no thanks lol

Can i buy the Andsom?? just private sell that to me

Buying zatman for around 7k. Message me.

Pls close smiley

Im buying the following cards...

miken moose 350
ratanah 2500
uranus 3500
petra 1200
murray 350

post your offers..or pm me....

The player do not have the card he is selling at the time of checking.

-Thread closed-

Buying full level Bloodh for $6,000 and partial level for $5,500 now.

Thread closed.

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