friday 14/11/2008

That's right. I am buying all your junk cards for 150 clintz each. Just put up private sales and I will get to them asap.

I'm trading my gil for other cards.. pm me with offers..

Traded. Please close

Good luck with finding someone that will sell them for that price

The going price is 80k over what you're offering. Don't expect anyone to be willing to sell that far under market.

Waaaaah.. hehe uhmm.. 2600 clint deal.. please!!

Come on people at least make an offer

Hey anyone with bb cool g willing to sell it for 250 clintz please

I have a LVL 1 Gaia that is only a few xp away from going to 2* however I am in need of a full xp one. I don't want to waste the opportunity for her to be used at 2*, so instead of just leveling her I'd rather trade and give someone else the benefit of using her at 2*. Please PM me if you would like to trade.

Mods, Please close this

Subject terminated

Oops, didn't realise this was still active.

Lock please.

Lots of cards used to be less than they are now.

But the fact is he's 9k now, so 2/3 of the price is a bit too low for some people.


I got Charlie Kolos Lulabee and Miss Lulabee

but ill trade u lulabee or miss lulabee for miss chloe

and the rest for some clintz

I'll trade you Miss Chloe for your Miss Chloe!

600 cintz any level

thursday 13/11/2008

PM me Death Raid, even though this is sort of thread jacking, but I've got 50k I can spare smiley

And sorry um-striker, but even if I had Lamar Cr, I'd just sell him on the market.

Just check the market out, and send a mail to people selling him to see if you can get him down a little bit.

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