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thursday 28/05/2009

I'm Interested in Dahlia


Im gonna buy thoe 0xp mona for 2k.
just ps me.

Ill raise it up to 55k.thanks.smiley

Close please.

Just as the title says!

I'm looking to sell 18 Mc Decays For 7,500 or trade for a card of equal price!
PM me for faster response

Thanks for putting this up

wednesday 27/05/2009

12k for marco

Jackie 0 xp + gaia+eyrton+onik+2 gary 0 xp + dreen for nahi cr

Already got a Reine Cr

now I can buy Vholt: 67.000

Some1 bought allem plz close thnx mods

Super-lubo has made the Avatar.

Thank you, Close please smiley

OK. Moderator, please close this thread. thanks.

My Wanda level 1 0XP for a phyllis any level. smiley
PM me.

Close please thank you

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Bought smiley
you can close, please smiley

I will by as many Aurelias as i can for 300 Each! They must be 1* with no xp!


Cmon thats the best ok well the winner is ..........................................................................PITBULL23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill send it to you Pittbull right now
close this we have a winner.

I have been trying to make a deal with you and i keep sending you messages. i have the card you need and i am also interested ibn your jim cr card pm me back as soon as you get this message

Reine + 12 sylth ?
you are so funny .
this is a trade, not a trick.Despisesmiley

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