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saturday 06/12/2008

Close got what i need!

Please Close, Sold for 115k on market

Also can trade the same cards for GOOD Bangers(NO NOOB OFFERS)

XD Sold it privately for 110K already...that was quick 0_o

Please Close.

Pls close this

What he said

I have a full exp Marco for a 0 exp Striker and 0 exp Yayoi

I have both looking for Cr cards

Please close this post

Sorry sold already mods pls close

I'll give him up for 32,000 clints, the lowest price on the market. He's 8/7 with the ability -2 opp. damage min. 2. Keep in mind, he's banned in ELO.

Can you close it!

I'll trade Kolos for 23,000 clintz

friday 05/12/2008

Close please

I want to drade with you!!!!

Already sold
please close

Around what price range is low for you?

I've got one at 0xp...

Buying Splata Cr for 80k pm me or post here to sell

Got one, you can close this thread

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