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tuesday 28/04/2009

I;m selling tanaereva for only 41000clintz..

I am looking for a maxxed Kerozinn Cr, my initial offer is 91k which is just a little below market price. Pm me and we can negotiate.


I have several Bangers. that are pretty strong, I am willing to sell/trade, anything reasonable,

These are
Boden Power

U can buy 600 for both on the market

Pm me if interested

Python and tank

Still taking messages on this at this time

i appreciatte the interest.

Contiue to PM

Thanks in advance for your help

Trading a Bragh or Scopica for an Ielena, please trade, I really need it =0

Thanks mods, if you accept this =)

Sale over

I am looking for piranhas message me with what you have and wish to offer.

Im buying 50+ ill pay 225 each just put them in my private sales

Rowdy: 6k
Gil : 6.4k
Uranus: 6.5k

also have lulabee gabrielle and bryan available to trade with clintz

Ill pay in cards. 95 000 is my offer

The best way to get a good price is to go to french auctions on the french boards and bid on a Splata Cr.
You should check there and see if there is a Splata auction. Otherwise 100k is very low. you should at least offer 120k

I have two max level you want it.

Ill buy chloe


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