monday 10/11/2008

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Got her, close please.

I only accept all the cards and maybe remove ludwig and rolph...

Its going to be in the market, so hurry up b4 it gets sold.....

Woah! supercheap!

I sent you a message, still waiting on a reply...

Buying kolos 16,000 clintz

thanks smiley

Close please.

I'll buy any Rhed for 1200 Clintz i just need one badly so please if anyone has an extra please send me a private offer thanks.

10,000 clintz worth of cards or straight clintz

acceptable cards
miss lulabee

these cards can be paired with any combination of other cards

Gwen 10000

Guys i just need 1 other than um-striker

Ill sell for 8.5

Buying a kenny for 12.5k post here or pm me if u want to sell, thanks smiley

Trading a kenny and 1k fer kolos!!!!

sunday 09/11/2008

3 swidz (66k)
2 seldnor (34k)
2 Tessa (154k)
3 kerozinn (156k)
= 410k

Final offer.

Do you want 0exp or max?

Cant argue with that! ^.^ setup trade then

Buying both together for around 10,000 Clintz

I kno i bought plz close mods THNXsmiley

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