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friday 19/12/2008

I want all your bangers ... i can give u sme cards for that like ryuchi

Just put it in my private sales

I'm looking Marina for the discount price of the market...
Pls pm me ><

You can close. Traded for Glorg and Rei. smiley

I want to buy natrang and otome.

Plz close

thursday 18/12/2008

Already sold plz close

... ok have the 950 but if u could sell it a bit cheaper is well appreciated smiley

Are you giving a used one or buying it

Ok, I add Jackie - +17.000 = total 432.500 clintz ... 22K above market ...

Got what i need.

I'm buying Dalhia under market price. Post here or on pm for faster.

Hey look into youown message board!!

Please close

Looking for wee lee below market price. budget 7.5k smiley

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