monday 20/10/2008

Close pls.. got one already

KANEHOLT thats his name

smiley i buy wanda at lev 1 at market ... smiley for 2500 ... smiley

Close.. Bought her at 69k..

Selling Sigmund Cr for 156k. Market price is 162k

Please send me a message or post here if you are interest in. Serious buyers only please !


Please close...already bought one....thnx! smiley

72k is all i got!!!!!!

sunday 19/10/2008

I would add at least 10k if u really want him

Do u have any more of the GHEIST? and what ones do u have still?

Close please

Please close, thanks... smiley

390 vladimir=408K
2 Melissa Cr= 260K!!!!!!

Close thread

2 946 battle points
419 fights including 167 wins.
Novice, 8 characters out of 422.
2% of total collection
You sure he has those cards?

Close please.

Hi I need Marco
but I have just 9200
pm me please if you give it to me

Close plz got one from the market

No nam for 2500
Burger for 1000
Eyrik for 7000
pm mesmiley

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