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friday 28/11/2008

I have lea pm w an offer

Please close mod

already sold

Tanaereva how much or wht cards do u want i can trade anything but collectors or buy it for under 24K

thursday 27/11/2008

Sold for drakkhen close please

Nice but that is just about half price im sure you'd have better luck with 8000 at least a fire sell player will PM U

Sure, I'm ok for 33k, in cash. smiley

I have one but unfortunately I cant do personal or private sales

Got kolos and kenny who you trade

What do you want for those 4? msg me offer

Im buying vickie for 40k right now send to me then i will buy less than 24hrs

Selling lvl 4 and 5s all 30k each
Market price now is 32k so hurry before they get sold smiley

I am buying them which is why the title says [BUY]...

Old post plz close

I will hav miki terry and kimberley

Buying morphun for 16k. smiley

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