sunday 28/09/2008

Close please


Close please card sold

470 clintz going for 500 on the market

Unagi sold


Pm me with prices

i need him self for my elo deck

Im looking for a Vickie for below the market price
anybody think they could help me out

Iwill sell ludmilla 2nd level 250

I can give you 4,000 for Kerry

Ill buy Nistarok for 1900.

Buying jackie for 12k pm me your price

Why do u want them

saturday 27/09/2008

OK, plz close.

I'm stupid

"I buy gary" no sell xD

Sellin really good sentinal(chloe) and pretty good Sakrohm (skrumxxt) for 1k cheaper than market

pm me if you want to buy

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