thursday 06/11/2008

You can have her for 75k

I'll sell fpr 75k

Look at the day this was posted.. close thread pls

I have 3 extras of both. PM me if you have an offer closer to their market value.

PLEASE CLOSE THIS POST. (I will provide an update later)

Ok please close my subjet sold to 0UC_Hannibal

I have louise

smileytanaerva and 36k so 60k

Thanks for the offer kennykilled, but I just managed to buy one for 4K in the market. smiley
I can no longer afford Hawkins (the market price anyway).
I am now only looking for the following:

Post your prices here. smiley

Trading My Miss Lulabee for Ryuichi smiley

I have an unused Boris

Well u don't have to be so hostile transylvanian

Any Offers?>.>

Will buy for between 600-900 preferably level 3+

wednesday 05/11/2008

You might want to look on the french boards for a card like that smiley

Buying many nahi Cr's for 30,000 Clintz each.

Please message me or put into private sale.

Thank you - MR Rochey.

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