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tuesday 25/11/2008

How much you are looking for? you accept doubles like 3-4 lamar cr or something? just asking first..lets see if i got enough.. smiley

Plz close. whatthe bought them smiley

For a Lamar Cr please
Please pm me if you have a Lamar Cr

I will sell tanaereva for 29K

Close please i ended up with 0exp Rass Cr Bargain!!!

I mean it is not shakra. . . it is ratanah. . . sorry. . . please pm me. . . Ü

Sold please close

Good luck finding
I doubt anyone would sell it since they could sell one easily for 50k on market

Kenny 0exp 1* = 20k pm me

Hawkins is sold please close this mods

Bonne chance

Close please

I have soushee and miss ming avaliable. If you have cards maybe we can trade.

1,500 + Scubb for Katan now!

I got em
plz close

Sounds fair my jessie is maxxed though interested


Tula for 50-280clintz
Naykee for 50-300 clintz

Send them to my PS!smiley

monday 24/11/2008


put em on private sales

I'll buy them all send I to my private sale
I buy for 115k

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