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sunday 14/12/2008

Me pm me for sheitane. plEASE

Buying Nerfeniti for 900 clintz

Close please

I'll buy la junta - wilson and other la junta. and unwanted cards.

make an offer to me.

Please close/destroy this subject. Thanks, mods. smiley

saturday 13/12/2008

Note, pezura cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Close please. Thanks smiley

For 252 sargh+10000??

Kerry, not Kenny.
And as i see it he has Kerry and wants Striker and Robb.

Brought,this can be close plz thx

Close this plz thx

I sell for 800

Hey I am looking to trade my Rass Cr.
Valu on the market is about 1,000,000 so either looking for a card of similar price....i.e Armanda Cr,
or cr's together to make around 1 million!!

Lets just have sensible offers please!


Storm Force

Close [please]

Oh i'm glad he can't sell

I want to trade, i have a charlie and maybe a few more cards.

friday 12/12/2008

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