friday 14/11/2008

600 cintz any level

thursday 13/11/2008

PM me Death Raid, even though this is sort of thread jacking, but I've got 50k I can spare smiley

And sorry um-striker, but even if I had Lamar Cr, I'd just sell him on the market.

Just check the market out, and send a mail to people selling him to see if you can get him down a little bit.

Now 4.5k

Already bought one please close...

Sorry everyone; this is closed!

I have winston take 155 clintz

Sargh 180 clintz?

pm me

Oh no

I only have baby q and charlie

I'll give you Buck for 1300 or any rare card.

the avg of kenny is now 16300
soo yaaaa its fair l33tfr34k

So any one ?>smiley

Maybe if u ofer higher

I onli ave rubie

Looking for Crs and ELO Banned cards in trade.

For 3 Vickie Cr I can add in some extras.

That isn't worth it add diyo cr or something priced around that area

Sorry i just sold him

Never mind. idon't want to buy this

Done deal

plz close this thread

thanks for those who replied

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