sunday 02/11/2008

How much for ur cheapest pussycat card?

saturday 01/11/2008

Close please..

Please close i have one now

Storm: for a translation, ask your fellow mod, Euzebe.. smiley

im sure she'll be willing to help you, just as much as anyone else smiley

Back to original pirana ghiest and leader left

Ok ok,i didn't know that the french guys are the most fortunated

we will seesmiley

Close pls

I'll take one murray, but can it be 590. or if not, just private sale it to me.

2k clintz


friday 31/10/2008

Im looking for:
and dalhia

heres the cards im trading:

I know that it's a better deal for the guy who gets my 7 chikko, but i want to trade my chikko for a lamar cr. please write here or pm me for an offer, and include proof that you have your lamar cr (include a *recent* preset with him in it please).

Thank you.

Then i want it for less smiley

Ty i got 1 for 59k
plz close

Im trying to buy a Hawk for 2,300 clintz

Nvm i think i am not able to sell cards lol SRY im new to the site haha

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