friday 31/10/2008

If anybody have marlysa fo trade plz contacct me

Please close, mods. Thanks!

It depends i've had an offer of 7

i can offer for Lamar Cr (Cr)
i have 53 000 clitnz
contact me with message private

I need tessa cr for my collection....for about 65k.......
interested parties may pm me..or leave a reply here....thx

Pm me for negotiations :

You can close this mods, im going to watch the marketssmiley

Close plz smiley

Close plz i'll try french forum

Please close its soldsmiley

60k for lamar

I will give you 6 chikkos smiley

Yea it 76,000 for 0xp
75,000 for full one
fine ill take 2k off

thursday 30/10/2008

I will exchange her for Full sentinel........ Without dragan, melissa and skullface. =D

What cards so you hav

Sold close

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