thursday 30/10/2008

Can Any1 Give me Katan For 2500 ?

Theyre about same price now lamar 2k more maybe. anyways i got montana decka nd i want vickie plz contact me.

Close please.

Bought one.. close

Trade my XU52 (0EXP) FOR GraksmxxtT(0EXP)

I have Lennox maxed. PM me and i'll sell him to you!

Close pleaase i got them allsmiley

I got him for 5,300 clintz + Wakai + Skrumxxt
Thanks Lolitos!

Closed smiley

wednesday 29/10/2008

Buying Seldnor Cr 1* and Swidz Cr 1* for 19,000 each.

Marlysa cr - around 310k, 320k. cards can be included
dragan cr - around 200k. cards can be included
elya cr - around 75k. cards can be included
tessa cr - around 65k. cards can be included

send me a message

I am buying Edd for 1300 Clintz, I might get a little more Clintz later but for now I only have 1300.

Post your offers here.

Mods plz close this Vickie already sold

Ok, thanks.
Subject close, please.

I want to buy Elvira for about 1500 clintz.
Post your offer here or PM me.

cheers, Painless

No one will give you cikko

Ok, I got the card. Please close thread.

Um close this they already sold

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