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monday 20/04/2009

I'm sellin my pussycat:

Wanda*1 for 1750
gwen*1 for 1950
noon steve*1 for 180
feelyn*1 for 380

pls pm me if u interested....

Careful when dealing with this guy. He will take your cards and not put his cards up. he is a ripoff.

Pls close

I wanna trade my lulabee for a vernym n

if interrested pm mi

Private me your wanda..

Nevermind, got them. please close mods

1.3k for both

5 messages

All sold~ Please close!


Admins.. pls close this subject.. thank you..

Sold mods please close

Sold mods please close

I got your wanda for 400

Selling 0xp Vansaar for 850 clintz.

Sold mods please close

I think you still owe me an Eyrton bro...

sunday 19/04/2009

I have a Mona and 3000 clintz that I am offering for Kerry.

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