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thursday 20/11/2008

wednesday 19/11/2008

I've sold 3 and bought 1, so 4 left.

No CRs yet looking to make Ombre my first

Buying as many Elya cr as your selling.

I need this two cards if you have contact me with PM

Ill give you glorg

sorry, no, I don't want to pay 880K for two marlysa


No it isn't........

Close this thread please. . . thanks

I meant 1 Sigismund Cr not two

As the title says, im open to ctz or cr + ctz offer. Im looking for walue of cca 850k.
either post here os message me if interested. Amanda is on market so you can check that i have her smiley

Traded it for Mona, Ottavia and Rubie.
So can be closed.

Traded.... smiley

-------------> Please close <----------------

Please close.. thanks..

Already bought one please close. thanks ave-hantala

Pls Close, i got her smiley


That mean's CLOSE PLEASE smiley

Please close.

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