tuesday 28/10/2008

Close please.

Please Close.

Got thanks close

I have 4698 and i need to buy good roots below market price

Reserve 200k now

Anyone selling Hawk for 3.5k? send it in my PS or you could give another offer.

You can propose and trade card with ottavia

Also i have 55 of them

thanks for lookingsmiley

Close this subject please..i've already sold..

I know it's selfish but if you want to help me out, please reply...

Be a good samartian~smiley

Thanks a lot~

Never mind already got good offers mods pls close

hot 210 messages

I want Slyde for 200smiley

I agree are you crazy or just feeling lucky?smiley

No his price will go down like many new blood cards

Please close

Have bought it. plz close.

monday 27/10/2008

Before you sell chikko for really cheap just want to remind you/let you know that it's becoming a cr.

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