wednesday 12/06

I'm trading my Blaaster CR for some of the remaining Rescue Cards missing in my collection plus an additional 400,000 clintz. Please refer to the list below. I've also included approximate values of each card in parenthesis.

Serafina = 370,000 clintz
Lennard = 150,000 clintz
Captain Rescue = 150,000 clintz
Donald = 100,000 clintz

Total value (cards) = 770,000 clintz

Cards + 400,000 clintz = 1,170,000 clintz

For comparison: Blaaster CR = 1,300,000 clintz

Therefore, anyone will be basically saving approximately 130,000 clintz.

Please feel free to message me to discuss this matter.

Thank you and best regards!

tuesday 11/06

Volkan 8m
No love 1.1m
Maana cercei 600k
Sentenza 350k
Maximus 420k
Saitamurai 230k
Rockatana 130k
Ty rowdy

i want to trade my Nemo Mt FULL currently at 3.4m for:

Kenny Mt Full 2.1m
Elya Cr Full 3.4m
Blaaster Cr Full 1.3m
Sylth Cr Full 970k
Dounia Mt Full 3.4m
or other offers!
pm me


Bryan x5 (160k/t) tot 800k
Leviatonn ×11 (120k/t) tot 1,32kk
Gray x 310 (2k/t) tot 620k

Je cherche:
Copper Cr (420k)
Boris Cr (180k)
Phonos Cr (60k)
Lost Hog Cr (70k)
Chikko Cr (100k)
Kenny Mt (1,7kk)
#Grakxxtm Mt (750k)
Cr's 500k-1kk


monday 10/06

Anyone interested to trade his volkan for a 0xp volkan? Please write your offer here or pm.

I trade my Kiki Cr 0 xp 13M

Im looking for Volkan Cr 8.3M full or 0xp
4.7M cash

Edit: someone just bought a general now there is only 2 left

sunday 09/06

Sorry i sold the card in the market while i was typing this subject

80x ackh 0exp (2m) + 10x Moukrok 0exp (2m125k) for alec mt

Thanks Mystic smiley
I am looking aswel for Kerozinn Mt any xp +cash ctz or cards compliment (cr's such us Lao Cr, Elya Cr) for my Kiki Cr full XP

saturday 08/06

No longer looking for Xantiax Robb Cr.
One Atkinson gone

Send me a pm if interessted.

Did not realise the bottom comments, but edited and closed.

Selling 40 Curlix for 130k each.
PM me for faster response.

My Blaaster Cr for your Dregn Mt + clintz
i can also consider card offers instead of clintz

Their price dropped XD

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