tuesday 19/02

Bmappe for my Sum Sam Cr?

I give Judge Lynch you give Nero!

Choko 6.5K Nero 300K--> 30 K profit for you! smiley

monday 18/02

Edit: Willing to offer clintz along with Dounia Mt to balance prices

Evalue your card bro smiley

Update, Death Wing 50k, Yoshida 80k

Offer active till February, 19

Djet, spartak, cornelius, bros, skipper bundle sold.

I want to trade my DJ Korr Cr full 16M

Looking for (prefer 0xp)
Blaaster Cr 1.6M
Death Adder 1.6M
Tanaereva Cr 3M
Vickie Cr 4.6M
B Mappe Cr 7.2M (limit 1)

I am open to offers I will not take lots outside of what I am looking for.

Which cards specifically you want? I have clintz plus lots of extra cards

Hey there, I'm looking to get a copy of Lamar Cr any xp which i value at 6 mil. I offer Atkinson 0xp (3.2mil) + Miss Twice 0xp (2.1 mil) + 700k clintz or smaller rares/cr's if you prefer.
Message me for a faster reply!


I purchase Kaboom 0xp for 2,5k each or 1,5k for full


sunday 17/02

I have:

DJ Korr Cr Full (16 million)

For your:

#General Cr (13 million)
Elya Cr (3 million)

I'm trading McLain 0 xp for Charlie

i accept other offers as well

Card is still up for trade

Pretty straightforward:

My Maana Cercei and Moukrok for 2*Mechakolos Cr.

All characters considered in the trade are 0 xp.
Thank you

Vendo 60 Bloodh Cr por 200k cada uno 30k mas baratos que en el mercado.
I'm selling 60 Bloodh Cr for 200k each. 30k less expensive than they are in the market.

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