saturday 08/06

I found one. Thread is closed.

Understood, I will take it that as Long as this thread is open, there is no limit to how many Volkan Cr a player can offer as Long as they meet your trading conditions.

Pm me if interessted.

friday 07/06

Pm sent

Hi everyone I want to buy 100 #Gibson 0xp 13k/each to finish my lot. Thx everyone for help!

Im looking to trade my xantiax robb cr + some lots for your vickie cr/lamar cr
i have lots of rekved 0xp naliah 0xp parmabarb 0xp and tameshi, will trade based on currecnt marrket price

Looking to trade my Volkan Cr full xp and 100k vs Volkan Cr 0xp

Pm if interessted.

thursday 06/06

Can add one Moukrok 0 exp - 230k to the deal.

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I am trading my Nahi Cr for your Ambrose Cr

Offer in pm

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