sunday 17/02

Hi all wee lee + all havok + don in my private sale please smiley

saturday 16/02

They doing an event soon i believe where you can obtain him for playing.
Just an thought id hold off on buying him hi price will surely drop if the event happens and when he released in packs.

Puedo aceptar cartas

I have Bmappe for trade, full xp

Accept Tour tarde in your Sp Thk

Guys stop posting the giveaway is over

friday 15/02

Dug up a few Cr and Mt 0xp, looking for their Full Xp counterparts + some compensation. I have only one of each. Negociable in PM smiley

Lamar Cr + 350k
Kerozinn Mt + 350k
#General Cr + 400k
Lyse Teria Cr + 450k
Dregn Mt + 75k

I offer:
Tessa Cr --3.7M
Caelus Cr --1.8M
Kenny Mt --1.2M
Smokey Mt --1.6M
Vickie Cr --4.4M
Blaaster Cr --1.7M
Dalhia Cr --650K

Looking for:
B Mappe Cr --7.5M
Nemo Mt -- 4.1M
Atkinson --3M
No Love -- 3M

All crs are full xp.

Do you want the good news or the bad news for Wave LD and Sight LD?

McLain 0 xp for Rex Sweig

i accept other offers as well.

6k each? smiley

My browser gave a small bug and was two messages from the forum, sorry adm smileysmiley

Hey guy, look at the private one.

thursday 14/02

In case its unclear mine is 0xp

I have Sentenza 0 xp for trade. Are you still looking for it? What are you offering?

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