wednesday 05/06

I already said that....

tuesday 04/06

Just Pm me your offer
I do not accept large lots nor clintz only. Feom the rest, we will see
Thank you

Thanks buddy but atm this is as high as i can go.

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Up! Now rising for 850k, smiley


Im looking for #Volkan 0xp (9M)

I'll trade you 0xp :
Splata Cr 4M8
#Lizbeth Cr 1M588K
Blaaster Cr 1M800K
Gil Cr 935k
Mechakolos Cr 0xp 618K
Total : 9 741 888

THX smiley


DJ Korr Cr 0 xp 14,5M
Lamar Cr 0 xp 4,6M
4 Jackie Cr 0 xp 2M/t
Miss Twice Cr 0 xp 1,9M
Caelus Cr full 1,55M
Aldebaran Cr 0 xp 1,3M
Nahi Cr 0 xp 1,15M
Ratanah Mt 0 xp 1,1M
Jim Cr 0 xp 1M
Dwain Cr 0 xp 700k
46 Zaveli 0 xp 350k/t

Looking to buy Splata Cr for 3.7m HMU!

Best offer so far is 420k clintz, if anyone wants to top that tell me.

Sorry, to clarify, I'm looking for Manon Mt smiley
However, I doubt that there would be any takers, Just putting it out there. smiley

Good morning,

I offer:
DJ Korr Cr 0 xp 15M
Dragan Mt full 10M
Sum Sam Cr 0 xp 9,3M
NDololo Cr 0 xp 4M
Dounia Mt 0 xp 4,2M
Alec Mt full 4,2M
Marlysa Cr full 4M
Xantiax Robb Cr 0 xp 3,7M
Tessa Cr full 3,5M
Smokey Mt full 3M
4 Jackie Cr 0 xp 2M/t
Miss Twice Cr 0 xp 1,9M
Kenny Mt full 1,8M
Death Adder 0 xp 1,1M
8 Mona Cr 0 xp 1m/t
Gil Cr 0 xp 450k
48 Zaveli 0 xp 350k/t

I am looking for:
#Volkan 0 xp 9M

monday 03/06

Say it if you're not interested, rather than wait.

Ahahah Shakira 0xp

I trade mine kiki cr 0xp vs volkan 0xp + 6m in catds

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