saturday 09/02

Looking to buy a Atkinson any xp

I can offer clintz 2.5 million

Or I can trade with cards from my collection pm me and we can go from there.

I would like to trade my Chad Bread Cr (0xp) 250k + Amiral Py Cr (0xp) 83k
For return i would like to recieve the following options:
Judge Lynch (any xp) 328k or,
Sentenza (any xp) 220k + Goure (any xp) 125k or,
Sentenza (any xp) 220k + Ursula (any xp) 115k or,

I will consider any other options aswell.

PM for quick response.

friday 08/02

Madelone: SOLD
Xu-Kr4ng: SOLD
Ongh Cr: SOLD

I sent you a couple

I'm selling the following cards from the semi evo pack. All are 0xp. Please note that if the market price changes, I will adjust my prices. I try to sell 1 or 2k below market price:

Don: 131k
Juicy Lord: 50k
Wee Lee: 50k
Havok: 88k
Dragomir: 95k
Naele: 17k
Maledone: 76k
Xu-Kr4ng: 35k
Salsa: 32k

I also have Ongh Cr full xp for sale. I'm selling him for 448k

Mcclain, Mr Dark and Butcher Braxton are gone

thursday 07/02

Buy 10 Pericles for 650k each

15k each smiley

wednesday 06/02

Ofc ai accept other cards.
Jackie valued on 1.350M

I Offer:
15 Vryer 0xp 15k/t

50 Mago 0xp 2,8k/t
25 Mottah 0xp 2,8k/t
25 Tio 0xp 2,8k/t

15 Ratchek 0xp 1.875k/t

15 Bublgmm 0xp 1.575k/t
15 Fork Joe 0xp 1.575k/t
15 Wurmhol 0xp 1.575k/t
15 Bartholomew 0xp 1.575k/t
15 Ward hg 0xp 1.575k/t

I Accept:
Cash (Obviously)
Bearer checks (Collector 50k, Rare 9k, Uncommon 2,5k)

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I will add in Dr. Six and Nereus to balance the trade along with Cassio Cr for Crook

tuesday 05/02

monday 04/02

I trade Marlysa Cr full 3.6 mil plus one million clintz for Nemo Mt any xp 4.3 mil

Pm me works best

Selling for 1M clintz

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