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monday 14/04/2008

Im swapping a vansaar lvl 1 for a vansaar lvl 5 coz i cant be bothered 2 train him up please trade people

I mean onik and 1000 clintz

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That was exactly my train of thought aswell, if some one needed the clintz i can offer them a definate quck sale value.

This can be closed Mods.
Please and thank you.

Forget about this

Close please

How much for Splata Cr??

Sorry to anybody who was interested; it's sold. Mods can close this.

I am buying 3 uppers cards:
Ruby, Zatman, and Dorian all for 15k total
breaks down to 3.5k Ruby, 5k Dorian, 6.5k Zatman
i will take any *'s

sunday 13/04/2008

Wanting to buy sheitane for about 1900-2300 clintz

also i dont know how to trade so i cant trade

Im Buying a Guener Cr for around 8 to 9k Please message me if your willing to sell Thanks

If anyone has any Junkz cards and wants to sell them, contact me.
I'm lloking for

I am trading my dan for Stanford and Ben this is a equvilan and fair trade

No dumb offers
Post or PM me offers for Emeth level one.

I have to Na Boh

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250 ratanah

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