wednesday 04/10/2006

Actually its level 4 and a half, and the price is 2000, or trade

Lvl 5 estalt for sale 2500-3000 clintz

tuesday 03/10/2006

Im looking for these cards and i have about 2000 clintz and a fully leveled estalt that im willing 2 give

Yes good job lets trade

You think your going to get leaders for 737 clintz.

Give me a resonable price an we have a deal.

Sellin a vanasar at leval five for 7000 but willing to nogotiate some sort of exchange

I am selling DRAGAN for 20,0000 or best offer.

Hey can u gimme a code

monday 02/10/2006

Hi any one whant to exagem the thingssmiley

sunday 01/10/2006

I have both ill sell you tyler for 3500

Well sorry i already sold those too for about 5000 each now i only have
Vansaar any offers

Sorry its sold and even if i still had it i wouldnt have sold it to anyone of you come on 100!!! thats way too low.

Buying Chloe for about 19 000, if it's to low please come with an offer

Sorry for you, but you need to buy credits before you can sell

What type of card do you guys thing is the best (ex stuff like all stars and ulu watu and gheist) plz leave good expet opinions

I'm offering 800, maybe more

saturday 30/09/2006

Ill sell it to u if you buy me credits because i cant sell yet

Oops you mean 2000 for both of them....sorry was not thinking

I only have over 600 can you sell 2 me please?

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