tuesday 20/02/2007


monday 19/02/2007

Anyone have a Claus they will trade for a lvl 2 Wanda, a Lvl 2 (almost 3) Meyen and a lvl 2 Globumm?

Ok, but i dont know how to trade, plz pm mesmiley

Sorry this has been closed a month

Can u put the klaus in my private sales waiting for 2000 ill buy him
please i will buy him

I have all of those but i cant sell them to you because i have not bought credits

Ill sell you him at lvl 4 for 6500

sunday 18/02/2007

Thanks for the Bryan trade Nitz52,
GGs! smiley

Selling olso
-Marlysa lvl2 (MAX)-->>15000$
-Morphun lvl2-->>4000$

For dieter 800$ and traumaturge 1300$

So, if anyone has her, below market price and willing to help me out, please pm me smiley

Baby q maxed
starting at 12,000 whoever has the highest bid wins

Buy Wardog 700/1, need 4

saturday 17/02/2007

Trade for me, i have a Glubumm smiley

Buting for 2001
GGS! smiley

Ambre lvl 1 is 3000 timber lvl 3 is 3600 vansaar lvl 4 is 5250 and morphun is lvl 3 and 4000

Someone wanan sell ym some crd for cheap smiley i got 66 ctz

Looking for lowest price for marlysa.

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