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saturday 02/06/2007

Save your money and buy her when the price drops next friday.

The starting "auction" of lao cr in the francais forum does start at 250,000 clintzsmiley

Yeah u r unable to sell cards until u purchase credits

friday 01/06/2007

I want to buy charlie at level 4. max. price 15000. if you are interested , sell her to me in privat

Amiral Py maxxed: 10.000
Tank maxxed: 700
Yookie maxxed: 900
Noodile maxxed: 1200
Tania maxxed: 500 (negotiable)
Sheitane maxxed: 440 (negotiable)

Actually jerre if u would not be so ignorant i have enough credits to buy most of the cards on that list and i didnt ask for u to tell me what i can and cant afford

btw i got havok so scratch him off

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Sorry to hear those cards only but i don't have those cards right now.

That's higher than the market price

I ment to say the Lowest Lv. sorry about that.

thursday 31/05/2007

Can pay 70k at the moment

Searching for Marlysa
pm me with prices

3200 lvl 1 its what he needs

I trade SkrumxxT level 4 for level 5.Do you want?

Trading a Maxed Morphun and 16000 clintz for an Elya!!!

Hey Guys Im Just Wondering If anyone Could Sell Me A Kerozin For A Standard Price, Im Looking For Lvl 3 Or Under Kerozins, Reply To Me Through Private,


Hey if u want a ultra cheap don go look at the market publicaly his price is through the floor

I'm looking for both card....

pm me or leave a message here if you willing to sell it .....thx

wednesday 30/05/2007

If it's level 1 and a Kiki Cr, name your price!

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