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wednesday 30/05/2007

Sorry i'm late, how about 1500 clicnzz, coz i want it


Buying Wardog for 800... Please...

Il sell down 3250

Selling ambrose cr and jim cr n i will trade

60000000000000000000000000000 clintz lol yeah right for taking so long im going lower now i offer 4200

You cant sell cards....

No she isnt maxed but i can easily do it in a 30 minutes umm dunno what card i want for it what do you offer?


Sorry... i dont have and i dont know how to trade

tuesday 29/05/2007

What I was asking at first is why the prices went so high in a close time. In matter of days simple, usless and common cards that
usually sell for 180 or less where at 240 and up.

This is not matter of supply and demand I guess, globumn comes by default who would wan't it for that much money? I saw
them being sold.

Anyone with an extra Malmoth who is willing to sell it in the range of about 1000 clintz.

Leave your offers here, I advice I can't reach the prices at market, not even close.

Hehehe i am just joking about lamar....hehehe sorry remember its just a joke...

Named the price for
Feelyn, Flo, Eyrton, Katsuhkay, Dan and Terry smiley
My freaks are the weak ones such as Graziella, Vassili n Dacha Macha...

I can selly Bridget Vannsar or Timber....pm for offers

Ill buy it for 4496smiley

Buying nympheea...as much as possibe (below market)price.. private sale only,,tnx

monday 28/05/2007

Reasonable prices(Lower than the market)
May trade for some leaders.
Bridget or Ambre.

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