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sunday 24/02/2008

Don 900

It's obvious fallonsmileysmileysmiley

I'll sell you a swidz cr but how much will u give me for it?

I think fallon has a multiple account or he is just scamming..

Need tessa for 33k+Graksmxxt

smileyVicke on the market is for 15K!

Yes make offers what you want to trade
you can make the trades in my collection private sale

I have alec and elvira 5000 alltogether

Looking for prices 7000-7600

That was quick, thanks all, bought smiley

Oh and its maxed.

saturday 23/02/2008

I'm looking to exchange Lilly (roots). She's level one.

I know that it use to be about 300, but know it's 500!!!smiley Can someone sell me one for 300?smiley

Hey buddy just saying hi.

I am trying to buy a tshern [lvl 1]. Tshern is 350 in market price. I will buy at a lower price then that. In three day I will be checking your prices. If you make the lowest price I will buy him.

To sell Guru Cr (Cr) who wants to send me private mensaja

Just as the topic says, looking for a Loma Noju to finish my all stars deck. Got a hugo 3 which is pretty much a trade across, but if I need to throw in a common or uncommon to round it off I will...

I will trade my tanaereva and jackie for a good cr pm me

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