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wednesday 16/01/2008

I'LL buY FIFTY FOR 280 clints.

Anybody here want to help me out?

i want to trade MY elya cr for YOUR spare reine cr

please.............please..................... please

anybody??????................... somebody?????????????

Those level 4 cards take way to long to sell to Kate, stick to the 3*s

Message me if you buy credits (I want Vladimir)

I mite as well close this mods close it please and PA-Girl-EVO wins with 2k

Mods please close this, i have Splata Cr now. Sorry forgot to have this closed

Hey! i was wondering if i can buy your JIM CR for 20,000 clintz? thanks in advance.

Give it to me 50k smiley

Dude i said i was starting it and i reconized him, thats not stealing....sense every1s trashing this for no good reason, because they think its stealing.... you can close it...god ur such dorks....smiley

See what I mean? smiley I'm sorry, but please leave more reasonable deals. You know I can sell it on the market for the cards I need. Oh, and if you're trading Vickie and Nahi Cr, I can throw in a card or Clintz to make it equal. smiley

Best offer yet:

Juicy Lord
Vermyn N
No Nam

I just have cash sorry

tuesday 15/01/2008

@ 4nd0 : I already said in the first post that I HAVE Thaumaturge Cr AND NOT TO MAKE OFFERS FOR CARDS I ALREADY HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEEZ PEOPLE NEED TO ACTUALLY READ THE POST BEFORE MAKING OFFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pm me to sell i buy with clintz and cards since i only got like 500 clintz atm

I offer 500.

Im buyng striker PM me with your offerssmiley

Close this i sold it ..

Pm only if u have offers...cheerssmiley

I have one.. can trade it for commons....

I will trade you a Diyo Cr, Maxed Blasster, and Maxed Mario and 1000 clintz

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