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monday 14/01/2008

Trading lvl5 dorian to lvl3 Dorian?

who is interested?

Oh nvm i miss understood because i did not read and someone else did not read

Does anyone have her
pm me with the price

sunday 13/01/2008

Put it in my private sales I will take it for clintz

Put it in my private sales for 50 k


Sry not me i dnt have him lolz

Im interested in:
Jim Cr

could you PM me please
I have Tessa Cr, Skullface Cr, Ombre Cr and Elya Cr for trade beside other cards

I think he wants those cards in exchange for a jim cr

Got the entire list. Feel free to close whenever mods, thank you.

Ill sell 2 k cubes for 450 clintz

and im interested in them all just pm me with a trade offer

Massige me now#

Mods please close this thread...i'll just buy at the market..smiley

Im buying juicy lord 4 2200csmiley

Modz please close these i have what i want smiley

Private sell to me smiley

Im willing to trade, let me know if you have one and well work out a deal

I have Kenny
whats your offer? prefer trade

saturday 12/01/2008

I already have lulabee..
new list of need..

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