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thursday 05/04/2007

Both morphuns have been sold
what is your offer for bridget?

How much? i buy for cheap i low on cash smiley

wednesday 04/04/2007

ave got a chloe maxed but 2 miss chloes int enuff wat else u prepared to offer

Ill buy any cheap charlie.. tell me how much

Du kan sälja för minst 50 clintz vilket båda gör om ni ska byta, för att kontakta en admin kan du antingen göra som redge skrev eller så kan du gå längst ner på personens profilsida (den du skall anmäla) och trycka på linken "Notify of an abuse" så kan du skicka ett mail till en admin smiley

tuesday 03/04/2007

Im selling/trading a maxxed Dragan cr
i need
sigmund cr
skullface cr

Anyone have onethis is all my money im willing to spend it all on it so i can get my vickie

monday 02/04/2007

OK< got a 3-star Miss Twice for sale. In the market for 4250, will sell privately for 4000.

I want rubie rosa baby q and macumba

How much for each one?


I would like to trade my Miss Chloe (R) *** (Sentinel) 5/4 (the longer this post will linger here, the higher she will be in levels smiley)
- Chloe (R) doesnt matter which level

sunday 01/04/2007

Buying ambre... buy it for 2500

Do u anything from Roots to change for Perle?

Oh yeah, btw, clintz offer only please

Anyone want to sell me one?

saturday 31/03/2007

How do u trade

Look at my profile dude. I've got a few fang pi clang cards. They're cheap, I would appreciate if you can offer more. smiley

friday 30/03/2007

Macy i sell you reine 35,000 already maxed!smiley

I want level max, so XU52 on lvl 5

Yes, in order to be able to sell cards you have to buy at least once some credits ( by phone or credit card) in the shop

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