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monday 11/02/2008

Give me your offers

sunday 10/02/2008

smileyi was getting offers for less than 50 % of what they were worth. not to mention that still had to pay the 5% bank fee, so i got frustrated and put them on the market. most of them had already reached full level by then. some are still available on the market and i'm putting more on a daily basis. thanks for your interest.

I am buying william for 1400c


250k for sigmund and 210k for marlysa thats 10k of from the market price i dont do trades only clintz

Ok ill do it pm me

If u need i have all the all stars including lamar pm me wit ur offers

Any nore offers?

Moderator please close this thanks smileysmileysmiley


saturday 09/02/2008

Tanner = 1200, Ratanah = 880, Clara = 2450

Lol why would someone pay you money for cards, when they could just spend $56. and get 1k credits to get the card they want.

Looking for bryan, emeth, burger, or uxoh for cheapest price posssible

His ability is not Damage +3 but Courage: dmg +3 that means it only works 2/4 rounds, the rounds when you are first to play the card.

you can check the game's rules

"Courage: Dmg +X
When played first in the round, CHARACTER Damage is increased by X points. When played second in a round, CHARACTER Damage is equal to the amount shown on the card."

No one in the right mind would sell Ashigaru for that few clintz...

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