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tuesday 27/03/2007

Trade for what????

Dude, di ka talaga makakabili ng private kung wala ka pang binibiling credits sa shop. Un un eh, or bumili ka through pay through cash na option then western union

monday 26/03/2007

Lol, bad trade...

OK people stop sending me offers already bought Kati so thanks for all your offers!!!

He is for sale on the market for 800, i will give u 650 for him and be happy

Selling dieter just 1250 clintz

I paied like 2000 for him lol

Shes maxxed and going for sale

sunday 25/03/2007

Btw both junkz are fully trained and now i'm close to 20k

I Have 235 cltz to spend an i want the cheapest i can get

Sorry ppl he already gone

I will give u 2000 for bridget

2000 for gertrud

HOW much for Lewis and Lamar?

Hey ponga ofertas para vender a gaia tmb tengo cartas para cambiar por ella, Dan, Gary, Hugo, Kawan, Laetitia, Ombre, Platoona, Vermyn N, Zdrone ya sea q quieran algunas o todas por Gaia pero porfavor alguien deme a Gaia

Hey plz post oferts for gaia, i have Dan, Laetitia, Vermyn N, Kawan, Angelina, Hugo, Ombre, Zdrone, for trade if you want some or all for her

saturday 24/03/2007

Who has a flo put in my private sales for 50 clintz and i will put klaus for 50 clintz in his private sales.smiley

I think he want 60.000 clintz i have buyed one 2 week`s ago for 26.000smiley

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