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saturday 09/02/2008

Corrina for trade maxed pm me offers

I buy don lvl 3 for 1000

Quanto pela mis chloe

I already pruchased credits man last morning
anyways this are the prices

Carlos- 400 (i will take the price at around 900)
aurelia-350 (automatic take at 850)
Lea - 600 (automatic take at 1050)
So take it or leave it but please take it

send me a message if you bid high and meg is in another message so reply there


smiley auctioning meg


I WILL BUY IT AUTomatically at 10,000 or lowersmiley

but make it higher smileysmiley

I am auctioning Meg (R)
starting price is 3000
auto buy price is (10000 maybe lower)
this auction will end at 7:00 ish on sunday
but if i dont get at least 7500 clintz i am not auctioning
0UC_telero is in the lead with 3100 clintz

How about Hikiyousan (U) n Erika (R) for Swidz (Cr)

Im looking to buy as many kerozinn cr as possible (preferably 0xp) smiley

I can buy them but prefer a trade (i will give crs/soleils etc in return)

Pm me for offers. Thanks

The leading bid as of February 8, 2008 is 4000 clintz

@ chainz what do u have?


Na ill put it down to 20k then

What for alexi

Close this thread.

already got a good offer

friday 08/02/2008

0UC_telero won

@0UC_telero- on your private sales

Check your private sales, one is on sale to you for 50 clintz (I don't need anita or platinum)

Post your offers here or pm me. looking for over 26k, it is maxxed

Ill sell to u if u want capnt clintz u no got to the rserve price ill sell at 230

The Fang Pi one.

PM me.

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