monday 25/12/2006

sunday 24/12/2006


Rare Card1 sale in progress:
Cancel - 54 - forsale to everybody 4900 Clintz (70h, 14min left)


Rare Card1 sale in progress:
Cancel - 48 - forsale to everybody 9499 Clintz (71h, 59min left

put it back in my sales! Just got it out to check the ability for someone who asked by mail..

Hmmmz goood cards and those cards are not for 73 clintzy because are very good smileysmiley

Dont have so much moneysmiley

Too much 80,000

Sry ive got only 700 clintz

Yes he can not sell cardssmiley)))))))))))

saturday 23/12/2006

Hej ni är ju svenska jag är 7 år och är inte så bra på engelska så jag undrar om ni vill bytar eller köpa nåt kort av mig !

MVH: Rubbeo smiley

Sorry bout that i overlooked it

friday 22/12/2006

thursday 21/12/2006

How much? What Sentinel cards are you looking for?


Yes, you can buy from us but you can't sell to us.....if you can, I would suggest you purchase the credits.


wednesday 20/12/2006

Ok damnation I will buy you marlysa and Elixir can you put them in my private sales please?

tuesday 19/12/2006

You can't sell any cards due to you haven't donated..when you do then you can sell your cards.

monday 18/12/2006

Unless Damnation's got another one, I've already bought them. smiley


Well the dude did mention 5000? LOL

sunday 17/12/2006

Sorry, i just sold him

Hello I'm lookinf for juicy lord and akiko. I have jane ramba lvl max to trade. any offers?

Could sell you a latita for.. let's say... 2200-2300

saturday 16/12/2006

Sellin or tradin a vermyn n , lookin for a lost hog, any offers write here or private message me thx everybody

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