wednesday 13/09/2006

U guys if you trading me make a good trade smiley

Your gay, now you my card when you wouldnt even give me the one i wanted from u, ur a ain

tuesday 12/09/2006

I have cards for sale in every gang! just look for my name ELDERLYCOFFEE and buy it, i promise the lowest price possible. all my prices are 20% the lowest price at the time of putting up for sale.

How much?

I mean 399 at the market

monday 11/09/2006

Wat do you want

Just give me an offer I won't be expect too much

sunday 10/09/2006

I have one

Good cards or clintssmiley

Hey, can i have it, c'mon im in your clan KW}

No, he's saying he'd work for u, he didn't understand u, now u didn't understand him

Im selling a methane for 3200 or for the minimum amount of 2 cards if its not sold before u give me an offer ull get it

I'm buying Carlos for cheap, offer

saturday 09/09/2006

I will sell juicy lord, if someone buys me credits first because i cant sell until i buy credits

Lelena? cheep

friday 08/09/2006

You will have to trow in a bit more than that...

But if no one has better offers i will trade...

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