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friday 26/01/2007

15k for charlie?

I will take both put in private sells. thanks

Hey Gava, u making a Montana deck or are you just finishing you collection? smiley

wednesday 24/01/2007

Zlatar is now fullt maxed any 1 want these cards please i need to sell them

That will be a fully evolved Jim. Which level is your No Nam?

Anybody got chloe?

Hehe if u say so, it was just an offer to invite

I bought mine for about that amount, thats a good deal. smiley

monday 22/01/2007

smiley at least u hope never dies

Im offering full lvl xu52 for a gaia lvl not important


Hi everone im looking for a sriker AND ILL BUY IT FOR 470 CLINTZ IF YOU WILL AGRRE PUT IT IN MY PRIVATE SALES WAITINGsmileysmiley smiley

sunday 21/01/2007

Hi killing ill buy youre striker fo 390 clintzsmileyand if you do put it on my private sales waiting

Thy cards kinda suck and thy can't trade.

2400 for Windy Mor and 2200 for Dieter

450 for Samantha and 1400 for Jim

Any1 willing to sell Methane to me under the market price

saturday 20/01/2007

I have no nam kinjo mojo smiley))how much for ice jimsmiley

Ya i have dan wat you want for him

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