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saturday 02/02/2008

Ummm... I'd like to help, but what's makes a good card is relative to the deck you're building.

friday 01/02/2008

Hi moby long time no see =D, anyway could i get ur Timmy for 700?

I have willy at full level

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I'm paying for armand 1k

Uruanos or trimkkt

Note, jasmine1 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Lol nah i want mods 2 close dis plz mods close thissmiley

I'm buying any good ghist so send me a private sale if you want!smiley

Kolos price will plummet on Friday when the new cards come out, but Nahi Cr price will only stay the same or go higher. It should be Kolos +1000 clintz for Nahi Cr.

Yes, Mods, please close this topic

Buying kerrozin cr below market price

post offers here

I have a swidz cr and a cassio cr

thursday 31/01/2008

Do u have kerry?

I will give you a swidz cr and a cassio cr in exchange for a kerrozin cr

Dorian 4* and 2k clintz for Lamar.

Oh yey im the one that but slednor cr mwh ha ha hasmiley



He does not own a Kiki CR. Send him nothing.

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