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thursday 31/01/2008

8246 clintz

If someone have it, please pm me.


Note, m-_-m cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Selling vickie for 17000 clintz + offers? level 4 and lvl 5

You must have one heck of a lot of cards and clintz to be asking for those old Crs....

I WILL BUY Bridget Any LEVEL except 1 FOR 2300 CLINTZ

Please close this thread mods

Both i want to buy it 3000. PM me if you havesmiley

I will trade you a Swidz cr maxxed plus 8 k, i have other offers though

I don't think u can afford my xu52 its worth 11.5k smileysmiley

Ph, and you shouldn't play pillz on maxed cards

When you are in the My Collection or My Collection Pro links underneath the card it will show a symbol that looks almost like a $ sign. This is the clintz sign and if you hover your mouse over it, after a few seconds something will pop up showing the current low, avg, and high market prices for that card at the level that you have and another row that tells the same info of that card "at any level" I haven't figured out how the "at any level" numbers are figured out, but they are usually pretty close to the numbers of your card at the level you have of it.

wednesday 30/01/2008

Thanks but i already got Nahi Cr


Hi Buy Gaina Noel

@Painmaker, i already have Jackie and just got Zatman..sorry. And no i don't have Kenny.

Mod please close this.

Is there anyone who would be willing to sell a Kolos to me 4 a cheap price

You have to buy in shop one time for real money credits than you can trade ore sell your cards
sell the cards expensiv best price you got on newest cards play in touraments and win credits and clints

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