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wednesday 30/01/2008

Note, m-_-m cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Need... no

want... yes

and good luck finding someone that generous =/

Sellin xu52 for 10500 clintz

I trade a cassio and a seldor cr for kolos

tuesday 29/01/2008

Please close this thread mods

What can 8k get me?

Buying Leviatonn and Kenny under market price. I was hoping to buy these at 6k and 12k Respectfully. Pm me or just private trade me with offers. Thanks.

I have one lamar... I can trade you for.

You can have definetely 3 millions in ctz and more if you want to trade it for others cr cards I would say 4millions in others cr cards. You can also trade your kiki cr 0xp against a full one and 100k ctz easily... you can have lyse teria cr or dj korr cr without too much problems if you didn't level it up...

Send me a cr worth over 1m and i will send you kiki cr

You don't need Kolos - you just want him.... you could always wait 'til Friday for his price to divebomb....

I WILL BUY Bridget 2000 clintz level 2-3

I think the trade is Ambrose Cr, and Tessa Cr, for Elya Cr, Kerozinn Cr, and Ombre Cr... otherwise it's a major loss.(though Ombre is 50k now)

Trade????.........i have a kolos...but no trade

I am wanting to buy linda . sadlysmiley i am short on credits . if you have a linda that you want to sell cheap pm me .

Close Thread

monday 28/01/2008

Buying those cards.... below market price please

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