saturday 05/08/2006

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Put it in priate sell to me. I'll buy it for 500 clintz.

500 clintz. Put it in private sell to me for 500 clintz if you agree.

Put it in Private sell to me for the 1500 Clintz. I'll buy it.

friday 04/08/2006

I need help one of my friends and me are tryin to trade i need help PLZ

I will trade a Leo level two, a Ice jim maxed, a sunny goat levl two or a mathew level three.

What do you want for these:
Vermyn N lvl 3
Lost Hog lvl 3
Admiral Py lvl 3
Flesh Pimp lvl 2

Let me know!!!

OK put the Morphun level 4 in private sell to me for 50 clintz and I'll put the lvl 4 Lost Hog in private sell to you for 50 clintz. Lets make this trade happen. You know I'm good on my word. Remember the Sigmund lvl 4 I bought from you already. So you put the card n Private sell to me and you can be sure that Lost Hog will be there to follow.

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It's only a 2:4 when Maxed. I'll give you 250 clintz for the card. If you want to sell this card that bad put it in Private sell to me for 250 clintz. I'll be w8ing.

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I you put them in Private sell I will buy them. I have the clintz waiting.

I'll trade you a Max lvl Lihoi Chun from the Fang Pi Clang clan for Max lvl Tafa.

thursday 03/08/2006

I got a max flyer and a max akiko if u want them

Srry i was jus lokin at the stats and relized it

I'll trade you a Pulsar for your lvl 2 Halley. Put the Halley in private sell to me for 50 Clintz and I'll put Pulsar in private sale to you for 50 clintz also.

I bid 500 Clints.

I'll Trade my Prele for the DJ Korr/Beserker Girl combo also. -Sith- K_Jun if you have thoes 2 cards and would trade them to me for Perle you and reply here, PM me and message me. Also if you do have these cards to trade to me for Perle please put them in Private sell to me for 50 clintz each and I'll put Perle in private sell to you for 100 clintz so that this way we trade the cards only. W8ing for your reply. And constantly checking Private sell.

I made a typo I ment to type 1000 clintz. Put it in Private sell for mr.

I got fifty maxed. buy it from me for 2500 and its a deal.

I have 1300 clints if u want. ill try get 200 more if u want

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