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tuesday 25/09/2007

I got a bunch of dorians. If you still want one.

It's sold

monday 24/09/2007

If you have one tell me by an email
tank you
i have a lot of elya cr to trade

Il buy XU52

give me your priçe??

Nvm i just bought one.

I trade Marlysa CR (i dont care for the level) for the entire All Stars Collection and the almost entire collection of the Junkz ( exept for the collectors) in private for the transaction thank you

If somebody have zatman,i will buy it......................pleaze cheap

I want only cards from La Junta Sacrohm and Freaks. Uranus and Crassus i already have...

sunday 23/09/2007

I got Python lvl 5 for sale. Give me your price

Name la junta you want

Give you 10k and 2swidz(full) and zdrone(full) and amber(4star)

saturday 22/09/2007

My offer is 300 clintz.

Post here if you wanna sell him.

Ill buy it but i want some cream on top

Its sold
can be closed

Hi, i'm interested to selsya and seldnor, can i kwon how much is for the 2 card?
or you want to change with other card?

Hi can any one sell me a sydney for 1000 please

Message me your offers,,below market price only please...

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