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friday 23/02/2007

Phonos how much u sell?

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I'll trade halley lvl 1 (C) for your jenny (C)

thursday 22/02/2007

Hi I want to buy
Havok 11 000:-
Copper 4 000:-
Mellisa Cr 29 000:-
Dragan 30 000:-
Skrumxxt 17 000:-
Graksmxxt 34 000:-
Aldebaran Cr 130 000:-

If you want to trade any of the cards you can take a look at my sell and tell me which one... smiley

Now i'm also selling
kimberley 270
mitch 350
gary 700 (max)
baby q 14500 (max)
xia leming 16000 (max) allready on market
luis 2400 (max)

and also the same as before posted

I have joao and klaus i might sell joao but i will sell klaus 2200 full level he is

Hi will sombody trade

How much for GraksmxxT?????smiley

Message 0-Silvos, and beg for a discount, hehe! smiley
GGs! smiley

I am looking for cheap offers for Crystal, Akiko and Berserkergirl.
Post offers here or message me.
Thanks and sorry for my last post I didnt know I had to buy sth to trade >.<

Serious Only, ONLY PRIVATE MESSAGES WOULD BE NOTICED, all else is ignored

Mort Bax-250
Wee Lee-5000

Thanks for the Trade,
GGs! smiley

I'll trade Nanthrang and Flyer (boyh maxed) 500 clintz for Estalt

wednesday 21/02/2007

I have hugo but thanx anywaysmiley

I hope this is a joke ?

Selling jim a upper for 3000 (is worth 3500)

You have to buy credits from the shop in order to sell your characters smiley

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