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saturday 01/12/2007

Dont trust him!!!!! He is thief! i dont have 2 splata cr 2 kerozinn cr !!! dont buy anything from him!

Im selllin zdrone lvl 5 on the market for 1500 clintz.

Ill give you 800-1000 for it

I'll buy her for 6000c.....add her to private sale if you like my offer....smiley

Trading uranus ( MAXED) for Boris (any levevl) plssss...

friday 30/11/2007

Done smiley the topic can be closed

I got Tessa (3 or 4 stars) please messgae me on price smiley

Note, FehMx cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

you dont have purchased credits yet to sell public and privar sells

Sounds ok, pm me if the deal still stands

Nvm ill change the price to 2000 clintz.... if you are selling Rubie for 2000 clintz pm me right away smiley

How much for selsya cr?


I am tight on cash and I am looking for 1/2 to 3/4 of the going maxed price of Ambre. Possibly 1.8k - 2.8k. I know this is a long shot but ill ask just to see if any of you are in the giving mood. I appreciate it.

Thank you,

He's level 2, going for 3850, message me.

thursday 29/11/2007

Lol shame on you tempting us

Plz close this., i already got it

I am looking for discount prices on Striker, marina, bryan and gertrud. I have a few cards I couuld trade that are of decent value. Please pm me

wednesday 28/11/2007

Im sellin 4001 lool

Wanna trade a saddy and a berserkgirl for a vickie and another common card?

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