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tuesday 29/08/2006

Sorry I already sold both.

Sorry, deal was made

monday 28/08/2006

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I have Copper level 4 and will trade for a credit purchase code for the shop, since i dont have trade privelages yet. I also have Yayoi level 3, Mort Bax level 4, and others that could be used in the deal.

sunday 27/08/2006


How much for tunned ill take it for 100-350

Well i wasnt askin u was i

Ill take a methane how much

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Ill trade ashigaru lvl 5 and hugo lvl 5 for perle lvl 5 or lao any level

Hi i just started and all i know is how to battle i was wondering if sum1 could give me free cards or sell them to me cheaply i only have 166 clintz tho.. can sum1 also tell me how to trade with people etc...thanx, catch.

What are the stats of a maxed out amy, and how much would one cost?
also, i have never traded cards before, nor bought any. would it be easier to trade, or to sell a card and then buy... and would i need to get a ninth card to trade?

Anyone has a double of baby q? i nid it badly. im willing to buy

saturday 26/08/2006

Im buying gd cheep cards if any1s selling any

I really want a no nam any lvl gimme your offers.

Same here ill buy at the cheapest for 150 or your price but has to be reasonable.

I'm looking for python, I don't have much, but I can offer lvl 2 sandy, and 750 clintz

What about 15 000 clints?

Ill probably buy sum cards from u if u sell them as a bargain like around 300 clintz

I want Wee Lee from Ulu Watu. I give 5000 clintz for him.

Ill give u 800

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